交换机安装完成后, we will update our billing records to add a $5 credit to your account on your July, 8月, 九月及十月报表. For customers on 预算支付, the credit will be applied to their 预算支付 calculation. 开关必须在6月15日前安装好, July or 8月 in order to receive a credit on the following month’s bill.

The bill credits are only applicable to customers with an active hg8868皇冠下载 account.

The program is only available within hg8868皇冠下载’s service area in the states of Idaho and Oregon where the equipment required to support A/C cycling has been installed and is operational.


要符合资格, customer must be a residential customer living within the company’s service area where the equipment required to support A/C cycling has been installed and is operational. Customer must have central A/C 或者空气源热泵. 客户用水源热泵, 无管热泵, 两级单位, evaporative (swamp) coolers or window A/Cs are not eligible for the program. Renters may participate by filling out a landlord approval form, available by calling 1 - 866 - 865 -酷(2665).

The company shall have the right to select and reject program participants at its sole discretion based on criteria the Company considers necessary to ensure the effective operation of the Program. 选择标准可能包括, 但不会局限于, 能源使用, 住宅的位置, 房子的大小, 或者其他因素.


Qualified units are defined as residential A/C units used for a central air system, 或者空气源热泵. 水源热泵, 无管热泵, 两级单位, evaporative (swamp) coolers and window units are not eligible. 设备必须处于良好的工作状态. 单位必须有清晰方便的通道. Customers’ central A/C equipment must be fully functional and comply with the National Electric Code (NEC) standards.


Applications must include all information requested. Incomplete or missing information may result in the delay or denial of program participation. hg8868皇冠下载 reserves the right to conduct random on-site inspections to verify the switch is still installed and operating correctly. 如果有改变的证据, 篡改, or otherwise interfering with the company’s ability to initiate a cycling event, the customer’s participation in the program will be terminated, and the customer will be required to reimburse the company for the cost of replacement or repair of the device or other program equipment, and the company will reverse any amounts credited to the customer’s bills during the past 12 months as a result of the customer’s participation in the program.


hg8868皇冠下载 neither expressly nor implicitly warrants nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the performance, 质量, 安全, installation or estimated energy and/or cost savings of any project associated with this program. 申请人同意赔偿皇冠现金盘公司, 其母公司, 子公司, 子公司, 董事, 军官, 员工, 代理, 代表, 每一方的继承人和受让人赔偿一切损失, 损害, 费用, and liability arising from any project associated with this program. IDAHO POWER OFFERS NO WARRANTY RELATED TO THIS PROGRAM.


The applicant understands and agrees that hg8868皇冠下载 and/or its 代表 may include a description of this project and other project details in its case studies, 宣传册, 新闻稿, advertisements and other marketing materials presented to the public. The public materials will discuss the program but not specific participant’s information.

通过参加这个项目, 参与者同意公布其姓名, address and phone number to Honeywell Utilities Solutions and hg8868皇冠下载 subcontractors responsible for the operation of this program and fulfillment of duties related to the program. These subcontractors are obligated to keep customer information confidential.