Other Renewables

Idaho Power’s 17 hydroelectric projects on the Snake River and its tributaries are the largest clean-energy resource on our system. We purchase energy from wind and solar producers as well, and there are numerous other renewable projects that sell energy to Idaho Power, either through a negotiated contract arrangement or under a contract required by the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA).


Idaho Power has contracts with two independent geothermal producers: Neal Hot Springs in Malheur County, Oregon, with a nameplate capacity (highest possible amount of energy) of 22 MW, and Raft River Geothermal in Cassia County, Idaho, with a nameplate capacity of 13 MW.


These are small-scale projects that collect gas, usually from dairy waste or a landfill, to operate a turbine and sell the electricity to Idaho Power.


A cogeneration facility captures heat from an existing industrial process and turns that heat to steam, which is then used to spin a turbine and generate electricity.

Small Hydro

More than 60 small hydro projects, using the power of water from canals, springs or small dams, generate electricity across our service area. Their combined nameplate capacity is just under 150 MW. Most operate seasonally.